Prize for the Best Player on the High Course
with Netherlands Nationality
Channel Ferry Crossing
Car and 9 pax max
Dover-Calais or Dover-Dunkirk v.v. *

DFDS Seaways
tel: +31 10 20 84 993
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DFDS Logistics
tel +31 10 44 51 769
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Routes, ships and the network.

DFDS' routes are ideally located for servicing the freight volumes of forwarders, hauliers and manufacturers of heavy industrial goods.
DFDS routes operate to fixed, frequent schedules, allowing customers to efficiently meet their transport service needs. Visibility is enhanced by access to online tracking of shipments.
The largest freight vessels transports 6,200 metres of freight, measured by the space that the cargo takes up on the decks (lanemetres).
These ships can accommodate only twelve passengers, primarily drivers.
dfds jutlandia
An important success factor for DFDS is the ability to deploy ships on each route that matches the requirements of customers with regard to capacity, time schedule, reliability and facilities onboard. The company also develop and provide bespoke shipping logistics solutions in partnership with manufacturers of heavy goods such as automobiles, steel, paper and forest products, and chemicals.
dfds lorry DFDS port terminals are operated in strategic locations offering port terminal and warehousing services. In partnership with retailers and manufacturers, DFDS develop and provide performance enhancing and cost efficient logistics solutions, including warehousing services and just-in-time concepts.

DFDS solutions are supported by a European network of road, rail and container carriers and, not least, DFDS' network of ferry shipping routes.
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* Prize Conditions apply:
      Tickets are issued subject to sailings available.
      For full details see voucher letter.