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Amsterdam & Partners is the organization of Amsterdam Area, aiming at guiding residents, businesses and visitors to places that are less well-known, in order to strengthen Amsterdam’s reputation and to contribute to its liveability. Creativity, innovation and commercial spirit are Amsterdam’s three core values. They make up the DNA of the city, symbolise its unique character and are significant to its past, present and future.

brugThe brand is positioned under the shared motto I amsterdam. Amsterdam has a great tradition of freedom and tolerance, an international outlook, world-class icons and a thriving business environment.
It is a place where people live, learn, explore and work. Where anyone visiting for business or pleasure can come and feel at home.

housesEach area of Amsterdam has its own character and charm, and its own unique variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, museums and attractions. Take time to discover the city's hidden treasures in Amsterdam's neighbourhoods.
Look just around the corner and there’s so much more waiting to be discovered ! A visit to one of the extraordinary districts around the centre is certainly something not to be missed.
Each area has its own character, unique shops, annual cultural festivals and top restaurants.

Whether you're looking for modern architecture, a cultural hot spot, a delightful restaurant or quirky festivals, there's something for everyone.

As Asterdam is relatively small compared to other European capitals, you easily explore the city by tram, bike or on foot.

Or take a canal cruise through Amsterdam's UNESCO protected canal ring and discover plenty of interesting facts about the city along the way.

The options are near endless !

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photo credits:
Edwin van Eis, Grevillea, Koen Smilde